Sunday, October 21, 2007

Local Conservatives Annual Dinner

During the last week I attended the Annual Dinner for local Conservatives at Wealden Hall, Larkfield. Guest speaker was David Davis MP, Shadow Home Secretary, who spoke about immigration, crime and drugs. These are issues close to the heart of many local people as Tracey Crouch, our Parliamentary Spokesman for Chatham & Aylesford has discovered from responses to a survey held recently. We know from experiences in our own Ward crime and drugs are problems that need to be tackled and we as your Councillors are addressing these problems. The evening was well attended with 70 people and we were honoured to be able to have such a distinguished guest in our midst.

Roger Dalton

Printed and promoted by A Kennedy on behalf of Burham, Eccles and Wouldham Conservatives, all at 200 Canterbury Street, Gillingham, Kent.