Sunday, November 26, 2006


One great cause for satisfaction to us was working with the people of Eccles in the hugely successful team effort to persuaded Kent County Council to refuse planning permission to Southern Water for the sludge processing facility.

This would have meant a large increase in HGV traffic through Eccles. Many thanks to everybody who passed information and photographs to us which we used and relayed to Eccles Village Co-ordination Secretariat.

Southern Water has until March 2007 to appeal the decision. Looking at the evidence that we all presented to KCC, they would be well advised not to appeal. However that possibility cannot be ruled out so the team from Eccles will have to go into action again.

We are ready to support them.
Printed and promoted by A Kennedy on behalf of Burham, Eccles and Wouldham Conservatives, all at 200 Canterbury Street, Gillingham, Kent.