Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dave Davis
132 Rochester Rd, Burham, ME1 3SH
Tel: 01634 869650. Email: dave.davis@tmbc.gov.uk

Dave is a Tonbridge and Malling Borough Councillor for the Burham, Eccles and Wouldham Ward and he is also Chairman of that Ward’s Conservative Branch.

Dave spent his boyhood in the west of Kent.

Following Higher Education at Bromley Technical College he went to Sandhurst and was commissioned into the Royal Engineers. His early service was spent in combat engineering and later he specialised in heavy construction engineering within the Army. During his service he stood on three of the major peace lines in a troubled world. Work in the Army was physically and mentally demanding but very satisfying. The only thing he wanted to do but was not permitted to do was to join a political party which he did they day he left the Army. He still works for the Army as a Civil Engineering instructor teaching the next generation of Army engineers and is a highly qualified Civil Engineer in his own right. He is a prominent local organiser for the Institution of Civil Engineers.

On leaving the Army he and his wife Mary settled in Burham. Mary and Dave have been married for 38 years and shared most of life’s adventures together. They have two grown-up daughters. One who lives locally with her own family and the other who is a university lecturer in London.

Dave serves on the following TMBC committees and boards: Alcohol and Entertainments Licensing Committee, Audit Committee, Area 3 Planning Committee, Community Development Advisory Board, Customer Contact Advisory Board, Environmental Health, Refuse and Recycling Board, Planning and Transportation Advisory Board, Local Development Framework Steering Panel, Medway Valley Countryside Partnership Panel.

Dave does not share much of modern society’s cynicism of politics and firmly believes that good people must come forward to serve as politicians. One can make a difference but at times it is hard work with apparently little progress.

In addition to his interest in politics, Dave is a keen skier, mountaineer, and a compulsive gardener.
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